We’re fast, efficient, and know every (perfectly legit) trick in the book to maximise your return.

our clients work across all industries

We provide a complete range of services and advice in all of the following areas:

  • Income Tax Advisory
  • Salary Packaging
  • Payroll Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Tax Risk Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Structuring
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Business and Individual Tax Preparations and lodgement

Tax planning

Successful tax minimisation is best achieved through proactive and effective strategies. At AC Accounting and Business Solutions, we’re always on the ball.

Our tax planning service provides the latest recommendations and actions required to help you reach your financial objectives, while minimising your tax exposure.

tax returns

Getting your tax done quickly and efficiently is par for the course at AC Accounting and Business Solutions. We know every (perfectly legit) trick in the book to ensure you receive the maximum return payment possible, and our in-depth understanding of your individual circumstances helps us formulate the best way to minimise your liabilities.

Now, we all know that turning up to your appointment unprepared is about as useful as a cat-flap in an elephant enclosure. So we’ve compiled this nifty list of all the info you’ll need to ensure we can lodge your tax return.


  • Your Tax File Number
  • Your banks account details (account name, BSB and account number). The ATO now requires that all tax refunds be paid electronically into your bank account.
  • Records relating to any investments in shares or rental properties.


  • Your previous tax return (for new clients).
  • Any receipts you kept from expenses that related to your work, such as:
    – Mobile, home phone and internet (if you use them partly for work).
    – Stationary, tools or equipment purchases that relate to your work.
    – Union or professional association fees.
    – Computer expense (if you used it partly for work).
    – Professional magazines or trade publication purchases.
    – Receipts from any charitable donations you made.
    – Your accountant’s receipt for last year’s tax return (for new clients).


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